Electrician Builder Building

The role of the electrician fitter in the workshop:

  • It cables cabinets or enclosures using electric wires or cables that cut, strip, screw, tin or fixes using plugs
  • He measures and cuts cadmium or aluminum steel profiles that he then bolts to make cable trays, supports or frames.
  • The role of the electrician fitter on a construction site:
  • It is in coordination with the structural work, incorporates the sheaths and the electric boxes in the partitions or places them on the slabs before pouring the concrete
  • He bolts the cable trays on their supports which are previously bolted on metal frames (factory) or sealed in the masonry (basements or ceilings of buildings)
  • He pulls, as a team, the big cables wound on reels manually or with the winch
  • Inside the buildings, he draws the wires manually through the ducts or in the case of a false ceiling; he fixes them on cable trays or directly on the walls. He then puts the fuse boxes, the sockets, and the switches and finally he makes the connections