Alberto Rangel, president of the Association of Electrical Contractors of the Northeast, foresaw that with the approval of the energy reform and the works of the National Infrastructure Plan (PNI), they would have a record growth of 30% in the sector.He said that companies in the electricity sector are waiting for secondary laws to be approved so that contracts can be detonated.

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“With the opening, in addition to working for Mexican companies, it will be possible to work with others such as foreign ones, since growth has not been the desired one.”Rangel indicated that as a result of the changes: electrical constructors, real estate developers, project managers and marketers of electrical equipment and materials, they require updating for the continuous improvement of this vital service, as well as giving continuity to the actions that are implemented in favor of users and that contribute to growth and development.On the other hand, Arcadia Espinosa Solis, president of the National Association of Merchants of Material and Electrical Equipment, indicated that the growth in the energy sector is a multiplying effect, reason why they expect an 11% increase.”There is a wait for the energy reform; we are interested in knowing the guidelines to stick to development because we have to adapt.”In recent years there has been stagnation in the sector, which has grown by 8 percent. However, in 2014 the recovery would be 11 percent.The effect of the energy reform will be analyzed in the second CFE-ACEN Regional Forum on May 29 and 30, an event that will have a capacity of more than 400 people, both owners and managers of electric construction companies and officials.

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The purpose of this legislation is to prevent the risk of injury to Ontarians as well as property damage resulting from unprofessional and unsafe electrical work.All electrical contractors should be able to provide their license number, and it is your right to ask for it. The purpose of the Act is to make life easier for consumers and to ensure their peace of mind by assuring them that the contractor they hire is qualified, competent and insured.Between 2003 and 2012, 71 workers and homeowners in Ontario were killed by electrocution. Between 2002 and 2011, 28,508 electric source fires occurred. Hiring a licensed electrical contractor will help keep you and your family safe, and reduce those numbers in the future.